Interdisciplinary approach for Class Ⅲ Management
Interdisciplinary approach for Class Ⅲ Management
  • Sok ChenhChhean 교수
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[The 2nd IL Bong KIM International Conference 초록]
Sok ChenhChhean 교수
Sok ChenhChhean 교수

Orthodontics is one of the oldest subjects in dentistry field. The attempt of orthodontic treatment is to manage the types of malocclusions that affect the functional ability, structural imbalance and esthetic harmony. Among those malocclusions, Class III malocclusion should be taken into account, particularly
between children and adult patients. The mechanism for the treatment of class Ⅲ could be involved with growth modification, camouflage or orthognathic surgery.

In my presentation I would like to share about class Ⅲ management with different appliances for children such as Class Ⅲ activator, the combination between facemask and rapid expansion method, and fixed appliances. Whereas, in adult patients the camouflage treatment with fixed appliances will be introduced.

However, the severity of Class Ⅲ that can’t be treated with fixed appliances, orthognathic surgery would be indicated.

Sok ChenhChhean 교수(캄보디아 International University/University of Puthisastra)
● 2003 ~ 2010 : Doctor of Dental Surgery: DDS, Cambodia
● 2010 ~ 2011 : Cert of Intensive Program in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Thailand
● 2011 ~ 2012 : Cert of Dental Implant: AIC, Malaysia
● 2011 ~ 2014 : Post –graduated Training in Orthodontic: IU Joints With the Korean Orthodontic Research Institute
● 2014 ~ 2016 : Master of Sciences in Specialized Orthodontic : Saarland University Joints IMC, Germany
● March 2015 : Fellow of International College of Dentists: FICD
● 22nd Feb 2017 : Certificate of Oral Implantology, Geothe University Frankfurt, Germany
● 2018 : Dipomate of Asial Pacific Academic Implant Dentistry
● 2011 ~ present : Lecturer, International University, Cambodia
● 2015 ~ Present : Lecturer, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia

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