Management of the Impacted teeth
Management of the Impacted teeth
  • Chang Xin 교수
  • 승인 2019.09.26 10:36
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[The 2nd IL Bong KIM International Conference 초록]
Chang Xin 교수
Chang Xin 교수

Tooth impaction is a common problem in daily orthodontic practice. The aim of this study is to introduce how to properly manage the impacted teeth clinically. Here, we show three types of impacted teeth which happen most frequently, including the impacted third molar, maxillary canine and maxillary incisor. We are going to discuss the timing of interception, surgery assisted eruption and orthodontic management. We found most impacted teeth can be guided and well arranged into the dentition.

Chang Xin 교수(중국 대련의과대학)
● 1985 ~ 1990  Studying  in China Medical University, School of Dentistry
● 1990 ~ 2005  Working in Orthodontic Department of Dental Hospital,
                China Medical University
● 2002 ~ 2004  Studying in School of Dentistry, Nagasaki University Japan
● 2005 ~       Working in School of Dentistry, Dalian Medical University
● Chairman of Orthodontic Department, School of Dentistry, Dalian Medical University
● Vice president of Orthodontic Committee, Liaoning Province
● Member of Orthodontic Committee, China

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