Vertical considerations in hyperdivergent Class Ⅱ treatment
Vertical considerations in hyperdivergent Class Ⅱ treatment
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[The 2nd IL Bong KIM International Conference 초록]
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채종문 교수

Vertical dimension of the maxillomandibular complex should be controlled along with horizontal and transverse correction to achieve a successful orthodontic treatment of Class Ⅱ malocclusion. Vertical expansion of either the maxillary or mandibular posterior teeth causes many undesirable reactions. Consequently, a good facial balance can be obtained by counter-clockwise directional force technology with HPJH and micro-implant anchorage, which provide horizontal and vertical anchorage control in the maxillary and mandibular posterior teeth, and intrusion and torque control in the maxillary anterior teeth, resulting in a favorable counterclockwise mandibular response, particularly in hyperdivergent Class Ⅱ patients.

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